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Junior Production: Rock Pool

By June 23, 2023July 18th, 2023No Comments

On Thursday, 22nd June, Fleetwood Primary School hosted our junior school production, ‘Rock Pool,’ to showcase our Performing Arts program for the school community. The production was led by Drew Connick, our Digital Technologies & Performing Arts teacher, and received ample support from many staff members, including all of our junior school staff who helped prepare the children for their first performance. Additionally, Mr. Connick’s wife, Michelle, and our Fundraising and Events Committee provided invaluable support, which was highly appreciated.

We were thrilled to witness the children’s confident and enthusiastic approach to the show, and we were equally delighted with the fantastic turnout from our school community.

Looking ahead, in Semester 2, the senior school will have their chance to shine as Mr. Connick will prepare them for ‘Whiz Wham Alakazam.’

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